Norma Gutierrez specializes in graphic design solutions and community outreach for local non-profits, social justice groups and small businesses.

2006 Bachelors of Arts in New Media Design, SUNYCortland
2004 Dual Associates Degree in Graphic Design & Social Science, TC3

Over 20 Years of Graphic Design Experience
1998-2018 Digital Illustration, Logo & Graphic Design
2005-2018 Book Layout & Print Design
2004-2018 Webdesign & online publishing
2004-2018 Events planning and promotion

1990-2018 Artist, Painter and Handmade Crafts
1990-1997 Youth Entrepreneur (Card/T-Shirt Printmaking, Logo Designs)

Ten years of Instruction Experience
2006-2015 Adjunct Instructor of Graphic Design I/II, Computer Graphics I/II, Design I,  Digital Art II, Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3)
2007-2009 Instructor of Adobe Design Application, TC3.BIZ
2005-2006 TA/Art Director of International Student Magazine, SUNYC
2004-2006 Publisher for International Student Magazine, SUNYC
2002-2004  International Business Tutor, TC3 International Exchange
2003- 2004 Student Director & Designer of Student Book Project, TC3

Gallery Shows & Awards
2014-2016 LHM Gallery Show/First Friday Reception & Promotion, CSMA
2006- New Media Design Student Digital Gallery Show, SUNYC
1997 Federal Duck Stamp Contest (3rd place), US Fish & Wildlife Service
1997 Local Artists Exhibit, Bank of the West, Louisville Colorado
1997 Summer Student Gallery Show (1st place, Typography), SAIC